Friday, August 16, 2013

KoiAir 1 Pond Aeration Kit

KoiAir 1 Pond Aeration Kit

160194 Features: -Designed with quality and performance as top priority.-Best water garden aerator on the market.-Two membrane stick diffuser plate and fittings.-High efficiency compressor.-Work great in the hot summers as well as the cold winters.-Good for ponds up to 8,000 gallons.-Increases oxygen levels to ensure healthy pond life.-300" of 0.38" Weighted airline.-Ensures pond balance by promoting beneficial bacteria growth for biological filters.-Reduces chance of fish kill during the winter by keeping a hole open on the water's surface.-Lowers toxic gases and ammonia by promoting gas exchange.-Made in USA. Specifications: -Uses only 17 watts with a max air flow of 0.8 CFM.


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