Thursday, September 5, 2013

Grandpa Jakes Campfire Cooker

Grandpa Jakes Campfire Cooker

Campfire Cooker "Grandpa Jakes"This is a heavy-duty campfire cooker, handcrafted on a mountain in North Idaho. Made to move up, and down at 360˚ degrees in any directions. For easy movement, serving, and temperature control. This wonderful Campfire Cooker comes with two hand held "campfire remotes" these remotes move the grates, arms, and hooks where you need them just so you never touch anything HOT. "Remotes" make it so easy to move your pots and pans off the fire for stirring and serving. This ingenious tool makes campfire cooking simply enjoyable. Cookware not included.

  • Only tool needed is a hammer
  • Easy setup and take down
  • Gravity binding
  • Compact and portable

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