Friday, September 27, 2013

Newer Spreader Model 200

Newer Spreader Model 200

Model 200 Specification:

-Lightweight, mill-finish aluminum, 1/8" thick, 125 pounds.

-Balanced, fully or partially loaded.

-Smooth and quiet discharge of the manure and bedding.

-Empties the load in about 300 feet. Holds 13 cubic feet of material, which is approximately 11 bushels.

-Length - 6 ft. - 4 ft. Wide - 31 inches in height *6 ft in length from the back of the spreader to the drop pin hitch in the front. Witdth is measured from the outside of each tire.

-Weight - approx. 125 lbs.

- We ship the units out UNASSEMBLED only in the continental US.

  • This unit comes standard with the 2" Ball Hitch attachment (the drop pin style hitch is standard) (That's a $25.00 value!)
  • This unit also comes standard with the Tarp Cover! (That's a $49.50 value!)
  • The Agitator is also standard equipment.
  • This unit is aluminum (silver in color) and this unit has flat free tires!
  • We ship the unit out UNASSEMBLED in the continental US only.

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